Within the veil: be this, belov'd, thy portion

"Within the Veil": be this, belov'd, thy portion,
  Within the secret of thy Lord to dwell;
Beholding Him, until thy face His glory,
  Thy life His love, thy lips His praise shall tell.
"Within the Veil," for only as thou gazest
  Upon the matchless beauty of His face,
Canst thou become a living revelation
  Of His great heart of love, His untold grace.
"Within the Veil," His fragrance poured upon thee,
  Without the Veil, that fragrance shed abroad;
"Within the Veil," His hand shall tune the music
  Which sounds on earth the praises of Thy Lord.
"Within the Veil," thy spirit deeply anchored,
  Thou walkest calm above a world of strife;
"Within the Veil," thy soul with Him united,
  Shall live on earth His resurrection life.
Joanna Smathers

Baton Rouge, LA, United States

To spread Christ abroad there must be this time of receiving Him, and also moment by moment, day by day in all the mundane things. Thank you for the fellowship here.


Nashville, Tennessee, United States

O how I need this for when I’m busy and my day to day walk with the Lord. Amen Lord. Amen.

Bobette Crittenden


Very beautifully put Frank, very beautiful!

Frank Pytel

Chicago, Illinois, United States

There was a believer who was waiting for a bus in an old smelly part of the city, yet when he boarded the bus there was such a sweet fragrance. Sitting on the bus was a group of women who had worked all day long in a perfume factory. They didn't realize it, but they gave off the sweet smell of being in the perfume's presence. May we be those who after spending time in His presence become the fragrance of Christ wherever we are placed in our daily life! "Within the veil His fragrance poured on thee, Without the veil, that fragrance shed abroad"!

A hymn such as #642 in Hymns does not merely teach us. On the contrary, it unveils spiritual reality to us. Our need is not just to learn doctrines, but to open ourselves to the Lord so that we can see something. We should pray, "Lord, I open myself to You. I want to see more of You as an all-inclusive Person. Show me how Your all-inclusive death and resurrection includes me." Then as we listen to the speaking concerning Christ, we will begin to see something. What we see becomes a reality within us. Then we live by what we have seen.

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