A common bush

In the wilderness for God!
Just a common bush aflame!
Thus may I be, blessed Lord,
For the glory of Thy Name.
Just a common bush to be,
Something in which God can dwell,
Something thru which God can speak,
Something thru which God can tell,
All His yearning over men,
All His purposes of love,
Flaming with no light of earth,
But with glory from above:
God Himself within the bush,
Nothing seen but just the flame;
Make me that, just that, O God,
For the glory of Thy Name.
Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

This be the cry of the entire Body and of every local church. Just as the armor is not meant for one individual member, so neither is the picture of the common thornbush in Exodus.

Jehovah appeared to Moses but called His entire people into the wilderness to hold a feast to Himself. That which God desired was corporate.

Robert Baer

Brampton, ON, Canada

Make me that, just that, O God

Flaming with no light of earth

For the glory of thy name

Carlton Benny

Coonoor, Tamil Nadu, India

I'm just so down right now, so low in a valley, but this song is my heart's prayer. I've just finished preaching on this text just yesterday. Longing for the Lord to lift my soul from its deep and treacherous valley. Bless the Lord for the music and the stirring words. Thanks.

Eric Tenefrancia

Zhengzhou, Henan, China

We aren't just a common bush but a thornbush-once we were under the curse, but Gal. 3:13-14 says God has redeemed us out of the curse of the law, that He might give us the promise of the Spirit thru faith. Formerly the flame guarded and kept man away from the tree of life when man fell, but now, this very flame-fire (Spirit) is ONE with the thornbush-isn't this marvelous saints! Lord Jesus so we just need to FAN INTO FLAME this gift within us-2 Tim. 1:6-7. Lord thank You we are indeed so blessed to have a part in this corporate thornbush, may we express ths oneness of this flame daily by fanning our spirit into flame.

Felicimo Ruta Bataluna

Polomolok, South Cotabato, Philippines

ptl!im bro.jun bataluna church in polomolok, Philippines. enjoying Christ like psalmist david & solomon in His victorious living. in God...AMEN

Irushan Guruge

Kalutara, Kalutara North, Sri Lanka

I like this song.

Dinah Jabian

San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

Amen.. Christ is so rich!! We can enjoy Him in every way. I like this song so much because it reminds me of Moses in the Mount of Horeb. We are just a thorn bush but with a great glory within us burning and flaming.. Mmy we all be as Moses shining God's glory!! Amen.

Reymar Yu Endrinal

Iligan City, Philippines

"Sounds Good!" I like this song because it encourage my most. (",) he he he he he he HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!