Four living creatures are

Four living creatures are
God's move on earth today;
Revived by wind, cloud, fire,
Electrum they display.
Throughout our Christian life
A storm wind starts to blow,
Makes us dissatisfied,
Disturbs our status quo.
The wind is God Himself
Who causes us to turn,
To seek more of the Lord
And make our spirit burn.
This issues in the cloud—
Abundant grace He brings,
His overshadowing love,
The safety of His wings.
The fire then consumes
All that is not from Him;
It burns and sanctifies
And makes us pure within.
God's precious essence thus
Into our being poured,
Electrum shines from us
The glory of the Lord.
The living creatures joined,
Connected by their wings,
In four directions fly,
And God's expression bring.
Lord as Your move today
As living creatures, we
Your radiance would express,
And Your authority.
Maurice Ward

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Oh Lord Amen Hallelujah

That the glowing electrum appeared from the midst of the fire indicates that the burning of the divine fire is for the manifestation of the electrum.

Praise God this electrum is the Lamb-God, the Triune God, the Redeeming God wrought into our being!

Patrick McHugh

Auburn, CA, United States

Praise the Lord! What wonderful lyrics that describes what should be the history of our Christian life. It includes wonderful points from the winter training of 2016 on the book of Ezekiel. This is Scriptual. Let us exalt the Lord! Hallelujah!