In the church life we can see

In the church life we can see
We are God's own family.
As we blend with the saints
We are built up in love,
His expression thus to be.
  In the church we are home;
Here our joy has begun.
In this sweet fellowship
We are built up in love
As the many, yet as one.
In each member we can see
Our God in humanity;
As each functions in life,
Christ is then manifest
Through His Body practic'ly.
As we gather we can see
One expression, corp'rately;
As His Body on earth,
Now Christ's riches we share
In the church life, heavenly!
F Chow

New York, United States

Thank You Lord Jesus ❤️

Cathy Diamante

Baguio City, Benguet, Philippines

Hallelujah for we are in the church. This is the best place for us to grow in Christ. If we are in the church, we are at home. Praise the Lord!