You are the Ruler

Lord, You give based on who You are,
Not by anything that I deserve.
Lord, it is not by self effort
Or by any merit of my own, but...
  You are the Ruler and the King of the universe.
It is Your word that will last.
You are the Master and the Shepherd of the flock.
It is not my will, but Yours, that stands.
And You are in charge.
Lord, even though I tend to doubt,
I believe Your heart for me is good, and
Lord, I know You do all things well,
So I offer myself willingly, cause...
Lord, I trust in Your perfect will,
Because all Your thoughts surpass my highest.
Lord, I may never understand,
Why You act the way You do, but I know...
Lord, thank You for Your good pleasure.
I can trust that all You do is for it.
So, if it makes You happy, Lord,
I will step aside to let You be my God.
Shania Mae Naduma


Lord, though we may not understand the way You do, but we know that You are the Ruler and the King of the universe and it is not our will but Yours that stand ♥️