Oh, how I love Thee dearest Lord

Oh, how I love Thee dearest Lord;
On Thee alone I lean.
Though rapturous with ecstasy
Or tears unceasing stream;
When all my world comes crashing down
And nothing falls in place,
Uphold me with Thy love and strength
To cling to Thine embrace.
Thy person, Lord, alone can bring
My jaded heart to cheer;
Thy smile gladdens my heart strings
Whene'er Thou dost appear.
Thus gloom becomes triumphant song
And darkness turns to light,
My valley's shades to inundate
With beams of sweet delight.
Thy presence meaneth everything;
Thou art my secret, Lord.
I welcome Thee into my boat;
True rest Thou dost afford.
Though bitterness surround my soul,
Thy sweetness I can taste,
For in life's storms in Thee I find
The eye wherein I'm graced.
Thy visitation, gracious, sweet
In trials comforts me.
In tribulation's form to bring
Thine all-sufficiency;
While journeying along life's stream,
Should I, by boulders, be fazed?
For thornless grace I would not seek,
But water's level raised.
When in the index of Thine eyes,
My heart's joy is maintained;
With Thee alone I'm occupied,
And by Thy love constrained.
There's naught on earth that can frustrate
The man enjoying Thee;
Now all else from my vision fades;
Thou Lord, alone, I see.