Do you know what you were saved for

Do you know what you were saved for?
Do you ever wonder why?
What is God's intent and purpose?
Why has Christ become your life?
  Up till now we Christians only knew
Christ wants to get in you,
And that, indeed, is true;
Yet the vision goes much deeper still,
He has a plan He must fulfill.
Eden's river has a purpose,
Bringing life where'er it goes;
God's salvation, like a river,
Goes through stages as it flows.
  First we're saved from Satan's tyranny,
And later, we will see, from Christianity.
God is flowing in recovery,
Just open up to Him and see.
Not just individual Christians,
Isolated, wand'ring free,
But as stones built up together,
Christ expressing corporately.
  We were saved just Jesus to contain,
But there's a reason too,
That Christ came into you;
He came in, His purpose to secure,
To gain for Him a bride so pure.
Not the stones, though very precious,
Elevated "spiritually,"
But the stones built up together
In the Spirit, practically.
  You will ne'er be fully satisfied,
Or be content inside,
Till Jesus has His Bride.
Did you know the Lord is seeking you
To build into His building true?

Del Mar, CA, United States

I will never be fully satisfied until Jesus gets his Bride!!