Two Greatest Prayers of Paul

There are two greatest prayers we must pray everyday,
For which Paul the apostle taught us in Ephesians,
One in chapter one and the other, chapter three,
One for vision and the other for experience.
  Grant us spirit of wisdom and of revelation,
Strengthen us, Lord, with power into our inner man,
Your economy then may become our vision,
And You may make home in our hearts to fulfill Your plan.
We have prayed for our many concerns, worries, and plans,
We have prayed for our heart's desire and so many aims,
We have prayed for good meetings and our gospel friends,
Now let's rise up and pray prayers that would turn this age!
Two millennia have gone by Christians countless as sands,
God's economy yet a mystery hidden to man,
Many zealous yet with no vision, no restraint,
Who would kneel down and pray to see God's central vision?
What's God's calling and glory of His inheritance?
What's the surpassing greatness of His power fourfold?
What's the transmission of Christ as Head to the church?
What's His Body, His fullness while He fills all in all?
To see vision we need to pray for four elements,
Wisdom to know and revelation of the objects,
Light for illumination and our eyes opened,
God's economy then shall be a vision so clear.
With the vision we must not be proud or be content,
Lest as Laodicea soon we lukewarm become,
Empty knowledge would only make you poor, blind, naked,
"Buy gold, garments and eyesalve!" — this' how we overcome!
What're Christ's unsearchable riches Paul as gospel proclaimed?
What're the breadth, length, height, depth of Christ we shall apprehend?
What's the knowledge-surpassing love of Christ to know?
What's to be filled with all the fullness of God fore'er?
Thus we all must pursue to gain the experience,
E'en as Mary wouldn't let go till the Lord manifest'd,
Look how Paul ran his race to gain Christ till the end,
Let us forget all things and press on to Christ ahead.
For experience we must pray to be strengthened always,
That from soul into spirit we would turn and remain,
Only when we're in spirit can Christ have a way,
From our spirit to make His home in our hearts through faith.
Seeing the vision would help us walk on God-ordained way,
Being in spirit then God will build up His dwelling place,
Making home in our hearts is how Christ builds His church,
How His bride is prepared for Him to come end this age.
Heav'nly vision must be renewed and ne'er disobeyed,
To experience Christ for His Body — that's all we care!
Let's all pray these two greatest prayers day by day,
Hallelujah! We'll soon bring Him back — no more delay!

Winston Salem, NC

Thank you saint for composing this song. What an expression of the last ministry of this age! What a reality and practical way to apply the prayer of the age! I sing and pray. I pray and sing! Praise the Lord!

Joel Cabajes

Makati, NCR,Manila, Philippines

This song also is the greatest song because it contains great prayers. Prayers that cause and hasten the Lord's return. May the Lord grant us all with the answers of these two great prayers of the apostle.


Sinacaban-Evansville, Mis.Occ-IN

Amen, may we apply the prayer of the age to build the Body of Christ!

Dinah Jabian

San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

Amen. I really appreciate this song. we are called by God according to His purpose for His glory and inheritance. May we all be like Paul having this prayer: "May the Lord grant us wisdom and revelation to see His economy with a clear vision." Oh what a glory! Amen.


Haikou, Hainan, China

Thank You Lord, my eyes and ears are blessed. It's a very nice and rich song.

Mingle Xie

Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

Amen, the empty knowledge would only make us poor, blind and naked. May the Lord open our eyes to see the heavenly vision, no more praying for our heart’s desire but Christ and church. Hallelujah! We’ll soon bring Him back-NO MORE DELAY!

Lya Santoso

Church In Leiden, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

Thank you brother/sister for this song. I really enjoy it very much, I hope the Lord would grant us all clear visions and much experience.