O Lord, I love You, I really love You

  O Lord, I love You,
I really love You,
Without You life's really nothing.
You are so attracting,
And You are so charming;
Your riches are unsearchable.
Your name's so dear and sweet,
Calling makes one satisfied,
Now You are mine and I am Thine, Lord;
Joined and mingled with You,
God-man incorporation,
Foretaste of the New Jerusalem.
Yoon, Jong Eun


I love Jesus.

Brigid Aughenbaugh

I really like this song because it truly matches how I feel about the Lord! I cannot stop telling Him how much I love Him. This is my living reality and Oh how so grateful I am to brought into such enjoyment of our wonderful Triune God! He truly has ravished my heart!!!!!!! Lord I love you .. Oh Lord I love you! sister bridge in the Marianas Islands....AMEN May He bless everyone who come to Hymnal.net. This is a wonderful way for all the seekers of the Lord to keep in touch!

Denny Imanuel


I enjoy the sweetness of His love to me, it is so charming, gives me unsearchable peace and blissful joy. I feel the His love to me is very strong and yet very pleasant, in such extent that I can no longer live without His presence and His love. O Lord Jesus, I really really love You. You are the most wonderful person I have ever met in my life. I want to be like You, Lord, full of mercy and tender care.

Pauline Ting

Sarawak, Malaysia

Just want to say, Lord, I love You and Lord, You know I love You. Amen.