Consecration: To Become the Testimony of Jesus

Jesus Lord, truly I love Thee;
My heart refine!
I'd redeem each precious moment,
To enjoy Thy love divine.
Lord, behold, all to Thee I yield,
Constrained this day
By compassions never failing,
Thy perfecting care,
Dear Lord, open mine ear,
At the doorpost of God's house,
Responding to Thy voice,
I would be Thine and Thine forever,
Set me a seal on Thine heart,
With Thy love, even Thy jealousy,
Let me be Thy crazy lover
Through all my days.
God of glory, we bow the knee,
Grant us today
Spir't of wisdom, revelation,
The mystery to see,
I'd outpour all my life for Thine economy,
Just for Thine eternal pleasure,
The Body of Christ,
In my mingled spirit lead me
To the Body's reality,
In Thine intensification
Make us the testimony of Jesus
O Lord! For this we yearn!
Quickly come, as once Thou promised!
Lord, our deepest longing
Is Thy return!
Sarah Jin

Wanzhou, Chongqing, China

It's encouraging to see all the fresh comments from saints from around the world. Praise the Lord. We are in one Spirit.


Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia

Lord, constrain us with Your love. Set us a seal on Your heart with Your love and even Your jealousy and let us be Your crazy lovers throughout all our days!


Baguio City, Philippines

I love You Lord, with all my heart!!!

Phoebe Cajote

Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, Originally From Southern Philippines, Philippines

I like this song much more encouraging, to grant us the Lord to be His testimony today and keep us crazy lovers of Him until His coming. Hallelujah!!!


Hong Kong

This song was sung yesterday in a wedding meeting. So encouraged. Lord, make us crazy lovers with Your love, even Your jealousy. Make us the testimony of Jesus in Your intensification!

Rebecca Lee

New York City, NY, United States

The first time I sang this hymn was in Taiwan when visiting the FTTT. Sweet, sweet blending.

Joel Cabajes

Makati, Manila, Philippines

My ambition and desire is to become the testimony of You, Lord. Redeem all my time to enjoy Your love and grace.

Bobby C

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

I love You Lord!

Lorhen Balanay

Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Yes, Lord, redeem all my time to enjoy Your love and grace.

Rommel Valdez

Balanga, Bataan, Philippines

Lord, I pray that my desire on this earth is nothing but Your second coming. Make my desire pure. Redeem all my time to enjoy Your love and grace. I really love You Lord Jesus! Amen!