Not to ourselves again

Not to ourselves again,
  Not to the flesh we live;
Not to the world henceforth shall we
  Our strength, our being give.
The time past of our lives
  Sufficeth to have wrought
The fleshly will, which only ill
  Hath to us ever brought.
No longer is our life
  A thing unused or vain;
To us e'en here to live is Christ,
  To us to die is gain.
Our life is hid with Christ,
  With Christ in God above,
Upward our heart would go to Him,
  Whom, seeing not, we love.
He liveth, and we live!
  His life for us prevails;
His fulness fills our mighty void,
  His strength for us avails.
Michele Troughton

Vallejo, CA, United States

This can be sung to the tune of #459. Dear Father, we seek Your face first thing each morning. We love You, dear Lord Jesus.

Barry Reutter

Willoughby, Ohio, United States

Amen. A song of consecration and laying down my very life, in the revelation and reality of living by Christ, living out Christ, and living Christ.

John Provenzale

Columbus, OH, United States

Great song of consecration to the Lord we love!

John MacDonald

Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand

Praise the Lord, Christ fills our life with meaning. The world shall not receive what is meant for the Lord. Our strength and our being and heart shall be for the Lord! He is sufficient!