Consecration: To Become the Testimony of Jesus

Jesus Lord, truly I love Thee;
My heart refine!
I'd redeem each precious moment,
To enjoy Thy love divine.
Lord, behold, all to Thee I yield,
Constrained this day
By compassions never failing,
Thy perfecting care,
Dear Lord, open mine ear,
At the doorpost of God's house,
Responding to Thy voice,
I would be Thine and Thine forever,
Set me a seal on Thine heart,
With Thy love, even Thy jealousy,
Let me be Thy crazy lover
Through all my days.
God of glory, we bow the knee,
Grant us today
Spir't of wisdom, revelation,
The mystery to see,
I'd outpour all my life for Thine economy,
Just for Thine eternal pleasure,
The Body of Christ,
In my mingled spirit lead me
To the Body's reality,
In Thine intensification
Make us the testimony of Jesus
O Lord! For this we yearn!
Quickly come, as once Thou promised!
Lord, our deepest longing
Is Thy return!

Las Piñas City, NCR, Philippines

Oh, my Lord Jesus, let me be YOUR crazy lover all my life. Lord, I DEVOTE unto YOUR divine economy. COME QUICKLY as You have promised. Lord JESUS, YOUR RETURNING is our ONLY DESIRE!

Cristine Joy Cosico


Amen Lord. In my mingled spirit, bring me to reality of the Body of Christ,

Enjoy Your intensified salvation, become the testimony of Jesus. Oh Lord, set me as a seal ! Make me your crazy lover all my whole life! Oh Lord Jesus! everything is just for You alone and your eternal economy! Your good pleasure! Lord, gain us fully!

Daniel Ding

Cambridge, MA, United States

The words to this song are so precious! O Lord, keep us loving You!