When all around my sky is falling

When all around my sky is falling
And fear and doubt run deep in my heart,
It's in these times I'm on You calling,
Opening to You, Lord, my deepest part.
  Oh, Lord Jesus!
How I love You!
And I need You
All the time.
Ahh, to touch You
In my weakness,
And to hold You,
Savior mine.
Lord, by Your mercy You consume me.
It's all according to God's plan.
By resurrection life renew me,
Day by day, my inner man.
Rebecca Zhang

Fremont, California, United States

Oh Lord Jesus, how I love You! I need You all the time. By resurrection life renew me. Amen.


Amen to "By resurrection life renew me"


Iligan, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines