Sometimes we're caught in a world full of baits

Sometimes we're caught in a world full of baits
Tempting us to live our lives contrary to Your aim,
But Your faithfulness and love and mercy
Always will remain;
Lord, turn us fully back to You again.
  Lord, our whole being we give to You
'Cause You have bought us with Your blood
So we no longer live to ourselves,
But everyday our lives we live
To You alone, not to our own,
Your glory, Lord, will then be shown.
Sometimes we lean only on ourselves,
Thinking we can do things without asking for Your help,
But Your Spirit in our spirit's
Working in and breaking through
To free us from the "self" and back to You.
Maria L.

Fremont, California, United States

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness, mercy and love always remain. Bring my whole inner being, my mind and emotion under your Headship. Turn me fully back to you again. I love you Lord Jesus!


This week during work, this very hymn kept playing in my mind. Although at the time, I couldn't recall the lyrics to the hymn, the tune did stick. In particular, it was the melody of the chorus that kept looping inside my head. I'm thankful, lucky, and grateful that I was able to find the lyrics to this enjoyable hymn.

Joshua Chang

Walnut, California, United States

Lord save us from doing anything apart from You! Keep breaking through our “self” and back to You!

Shao Ching Lu (Dennis Lu)

Monterey Park, CA, United States

I call this song on the Lord’s table. Lord, turn me back to You! Amen.


Mariveles, Bataan, Philippines

Lord, turn us fully back to You again.

Madelene I. Camacam

Santiago City, Isabela, Philippines

We can't deny the fact that the world tempts us constantly to live our lives contrary to the Lord's will, but I PRAISE HIM FOR HIS FAITHFULNESS, LOVE AND MERCY for not allowing me to turn my back to Him, but continually consecrate myself to Him and live by Him everyday. "Lord I long for Your presence always."