Sweet Will of God

My stubborn will at last hath yielded;
I would be Thine, and Thine alone,
And this the prayer my lips are bringing,
"Lord, let in me Thy will be done."
  Sweet will of God, still fold me closer,
Till I am wholly lost in Thee;
Sweet will of God, still fold me closer,
  Till I am wholly lost in Thee.
I'm tired of sin, footsore and weary,
The darksome path hath dreary grown,
But now a light has ris'n to cheer me;
I find in Thee my Star, my Sun.
Thy precious will, O conqu'ring Savior,
Doth now embrace and compass me;
All discords hushed, my peace a river,
My soul a prisoned bird set free.
Shut in with Thee, O Lord, forever,
My wayward feet no more to roam;
What pow'r from Thee my soul can sever?
The center of God's will my home.
Linn Shepherd

United Kingdom

This tune is a variation on An t-Eilean Muileach (Isle of Mull), a haunting Gaelic air. Not sure if the composer's name is or was ever known. The most famous words are by Dugald MacPhail. Recordngs can be found online. Even these words have been varied for choral singing, without losing the eulogy to Mull. Piano accompaniment is attributed to Charles R Baptie. But who adapted it to this tune, I do not know. I guess they had Gaelic roots, Scottish or Irish.

Evan Grant

United States

I would also like to know who wrote this tune. If anyone knows please tell us. Thanks!


El Monte, CA, United States

“Lord, let in me Thy will be done. ”


Gainesville, Florida, United States

Oh sweet will of God, subdue me and make me wholly one with Thee! Don't let me choose by myself Lord, keep me headed up by You!

Dew Abides

Plano, TX, United States

Does anyone know who wrote this tune?

Pauline Kouame

Conway, AR, United States

Shut in with Thee, O Lord, forever!!

The Center of Gods will my home!!

Amen praise the Lord !!!

Stan Williams

NC Or TN, United States

Somehow I had never heard this one until now. What a wonderful beautiful song!

I want to arrange this on piano and my guitar and record it...

For God.

Caleb Blanton

McKinney, TX, United States

When I was being born, my mom and dad were singing this version of Sweet Will of God. A nurse was nearby and came in afterwards with tears saying she's never heard such a beautiful childbirth.

I sang this song to my dad yesterday morning a couple of hours before the Lord took him back. This song will forever be etched into my soul & spirit.


"Not my will but Thine be done"'. I never heard this hymn before but our pastor, an older and faithful shepherd, referenced it in his sermon entitled, "Broken". So thankful for him and his reference to this moving hymn. Hebrews 13:7

Joseph Cho

Taipei, Taiwan

I often listen to this song when I take the Mass Rapid Transit in Taipei and always receive much comfort.

What power from Thee my soul can sever?

The center of God's will my home.