In Revelation see

In Revelation see
God's final mystery;
Why God created you and me.
He predestinated me!
Our mutual destiny;
Christ and the churches are for me!
  In spirit we must be,
To hear His voice and see.
Turn to the Son of Man
In the golden lampstands.
You're walking in her midst;
She is Your heart's interest.
To You, Lord, nothing else exists.
No, nothing can deter,
No person can alter
The love, dear Lord, You have for her.
  This mystery, Oh how great!
Oh, saints it's not too late!
All else is vanity;
Take this reality.
Your eyes, a flame of fire.
To one, Lord, You aspire:
It's her, Lord, You completely desire.
The breastplate on Your chest,
Golden girdle on Your breast.
Your Bride: on her Your heart is set!
  Saints, stand together
One with another.
Christ and the churches are
The end of our search.
The speaking of Your voice
Trumpets Your single choice:
Oh Son of Man, Your gold lampstand.
Lord, keep me in Your hand
In the seven golden lampstands,
Shining You for Your eternal plan.
  We at Your feet do fall.
Have mercy on us all.
Your face, the shining sun,
Touch me, Oh Living One!
You're never satisfied
Until You have Your Bride.
Our hearts with Yours must coincide;
Transfuse me with Your sense.
Your call is so immense.
Responding to Your love intense!
  Saints, open wide to Him!
Don't let this vision dim.
Lord, take our being!
Wreck us from everything!
I hate to lukewarm be!
Lord, burn me thoroughly.
My first, My best, I come to Thee.
The seven Spirits burn,
Intensified to turn
My heart for You to be so firm.
  Grant me a hot pursuit!
All else in me uproot!
Oh Lord, do burn each part!
Grant me a fresh new start.
Lord, be my first and best.
All else I would detest.
My all in You, Lord, I invest.
I now pour out on Thee.
Lord, You have conquered me.
You are my choice eternally.
  We're in the final stage,
The age of every age.
Oh Lord, in me advance!
Thank You for this last chance.
Chun Wang

Richardson, Texas, United States

Thank you, Lord, for this precious song!


San Diego, CA, United States

Your eyes, a flame of fire. Lord, burn and run in us. Grant us a hot pursuit. We hate to lukewarm be! Dear Lord, do burn each part. All else in us uproot, all our preoccupations, pursuits, desires, longings. Be our first and best. Infuse us with Your sense. We love Your eyes! Look at us. Cause us to look at You. Seven Spirits, burn! Gain our hearts firm and hot for You, our one desire.



Walking in our midst. Lord we feed and shepherd in cooperation WITH You.

Alan Baier

Chula Vista, CA, United States

May the Lord really transfuse us all - that no longer on our own matters we would focus, but only on what matters to Him - "You're never satisfied until You have Your Bride." Lord Jesus, gain Your Bride.

Mike Wong


I love this song. In fact, it is one of my favourites!