Thou art the Word and Spirit, Lord

Thou art the Word and Spirit, Lord;
Now in one spirit worship we;
'Tis by the Word we understand,
And in the Spirit contact Thee.
Since Thou with me hast joined in one,
Thou art my all, O Lord, thereby;
And as the Spirit and the Word
Thou cam'st to me as my supply.
If Thou art Lord, yet not the Word,
How couldest Thou be known to me?
If Thou art God yet Spirit not,
How could I ever contact Thee?
The Word reveals Thyself to me
And knowledge of Thyself imparts;
The Spirit is Thy substance true
Whereby I touch Thee as Thou art.
Thou art my life, my light, my way,
My food, my strength and guaranty;
By Word made known, as Spirit these
Become experience to me.
Thy Word in Scripture is expressed,
Thy Spirit, the Indwelling One;
Thy Word is spirit and is life
When to my spirit it doth come.
If I Thy Word would understand,
I must Thy Holy Spirit touch;
Not only grasp it with my mind,
But with my spirit, praying much.
Thy precious Word my heart doth love,
My spirit fellowships with Thine;
My heart rejoices in Thy Word,
My spirit praises sings in Thine.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.