Man is a being of three parts

Man is a being of three parts,
The body, soul, and spirit too,
Th' eternal purpose to fulfill
With God's inheritance in view.
The body is the outward part
That man a world-sense may possess;
Thus he may touch the outward things
And bodily himself express.
The soul within—the inward part—
Is but the very self of man;
The sense of self it gives to him
To touch the psychic world of man.
The spirit is the inmost part
With which the Lord he may receive;
The sense of God it gives to man
That he the spirit-world perceive.
Within the soul of man there are
The mind, emotion, and the will;
These are the functions for the man
His human nature to fulfill.
Within the spirit of the man
Are found the conscience, fellowship,
And intuition, which thereby
The man to worship God equip.
The man must exercise his soul
To choose that God he may possess,
And by his spirit God partake,
And thru his body God express.
Man's spirit has to be reborn
With life divine to him conveyed;
His soul must be transformed by God,
His body like Christ's body made.
'Tis by these steps of work divine
In each of man's three separate parts
That man is mingled with the Lord
And His expression full imparts.

Copyright Living Stream Ministry. Used by permission.


Louisiana, United States

Praise the Lord for forming us this way. Praise Him for transforming our inward parts. Praise Him that He will transfigured our bodies like His own. Thank You Lord you made us so You can be mingled with us. He is in His believers & we are in Him.