Returning to the Lord Himself

Lord, dearest to my heart, I to Thine arms return;
All things from Thee apart can nevermore disturb.
When first in love Thou called, my heart to Thee was drawn;
On silent paths we trod, love's covenant, our bond.
I consecrated, then, by mighty love constrained;
This Thou would'st ne'er forget; 'twas in Thine heart engraved.
At dawn of youthful days, what lay ahead shined bright;
The altar should have blazed till day of radiant light.
Man's hearts do idols snare, befuddle, captivate;
They steal them unaware, beguiling them astray.
But love of youth, I found, called ceaselessly, always;
How could I let heart's ground uncultivated stay?
Though timid, slow my stride, Thou tender yet dost guide,
My vineyard dost provide, enrapture me with wine.
Here I respond to Thee, in Achor's Vale, hope's door;
Thy face unveiled I see, my long-lost Love's restored.
I labored long and hard; as "Master" knowing Thee;
Now Thou my "Husband" art; in love I'm trothed to Thee.
Dry cisterns I forsake, life's Fount again embrace;
Love's feast with joy partake, immersed in depths of grace.
Dear Lord, I'm wholly Thine: our hearts are twined today;
I'd live, yet "No more I," be one with Thee for aye.
One space for Thee and me, so loving, intimate,
I'd disappear in Thee, fore'er inseparate.
Marilyn Lumicday

Cebu, Ronda, Philippines

We return unto Thee, our Beloved Husband! We love You dear Lord!

Bob Baer

Brampton, Ontario, Canada

This is an excellent hymn on returning to the Lord. The slow tempo suits the delicate feelings expressed of renewing consecration. Thank you for translating it.



Though timid, slow my stride, Thou tender yet dost guide,

My vineyard dost provide, enrapture me with wine.

Here I respond to Thee, in Achor’s Vale, hope’s door;

Thy face unveiled I see, my long-lost Love’s restored.

Jacinth Lee Siew Ling

Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan, Malaysia

Tears flowing as I enjoyed this song. Such a deep, close & intimate relationship our Lord wants to have with us. Lord, praise You. Thank you, Lord. We love You... Amen...


CA, United States

This hymn has been sung and enjoyed by the Chinese-speaking saints since Brother Andrew Yu first wrote it in 2005. Thank the Lord that now we have an English version. Although the tune is obviously a Chinese tune (a very beautiful one), hopefully this will not become a hindrance to any non-Chinese saints, for in the new man there should be no cultural distinction! This hymn is very special and precious because it speaks of the deep experience of a servant of the Lord (Brother Andrew's own experience), who though having been diligent and faithful in serving the Lord for years, experienced a deeper, inward return to the Lord as his first love and advanced in his experiential knowledge of the Lord from knowing Him mainly as his Master in service to knowing Him as his Husband in love. This is a transition that every servant of the Lord must have in order for our service to be pleasing to the Lord, and may this hymn inspires us all to gain this experience and to know and serve the Lord in this way.