When Christ once died on Calvary

When Christ once died on Calvary,
  I too was there;
'Twas in my place He stood for me,
And now accepted e'en as He,
  His name I bear.
  I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live,
Yet, not I, but Christ who liveth in me;
And the life I live in the flesh,
I live by the faith of the Son of God,
  Who loved, and gave Himself for me.
When Christ once rose with life divine,
  I too was there;
His resurrection pow'r is mine,
And as the branches and the vine
  His life I share.
When Christ will come some day for me,
  I shall be there;
With Him and like Him I shall be,
And all His glorious majesty
  I too shall share.
O blessed life so deep, so high,
  Lord, keep me there;
Help me with Christ to live, to die,
And let me with Him, bye and bye
  His glory share.
Carson Maher

Lubbock, TX, United States

What a fun song! I love scripture songs!


Love the words, just needs a new tune.

Patricia Greene

TN, United States

Amen! Yes, the key is in Gal 2:20, no striving (in the flesh) but trusting in His perfect and complete finished work. Reckoning ourselves dead and alive in Christ. Christ liveth in me! It is no longer I but Christ!



I am totally surprised there are no comments or text quotes for this song. This has to be one of the highest songs of all time. To live the Christian life. This is the basic question we all face, how to really live it, right? We make a good show, but we always feel short, if we are honest with ourselves. The answer is in this song: we can't and won't live it....because He is the only one who can, and He does. He did not just die for us, He also lives for us, Hallelujah! If we take this as doctrine, we'll say: "Yes, I know, I was crucified with Him and resurrected, ho-hum, I learned that in grade school." But if you see it, if your eyes are really open, you will say: "unbelievable - it is right here in black and white and I missed it all this time - Not I, but Christ. Not I, but Christ. I found the secret. Not I, but Christ."