I am so glad that our Father in heav'n

I am so glad that our Father in heav'n
Tells of His love in the Book He has giv'n;
Wonderful things in the Bible I see:
This is the dearest, that Jesus loves me.
  I am so glad that Jesus loves me,
  Jesus loves me, Jesus loves me;
I am so glad that Jesus loves me,
    Jesus loves even me.
Though I forget Him and wander away,
Still He doth love me whenever I stray;
Back to His dear loving arms would I flee,
When I remember that Jesus loves me.
Oh, if there's only one song I can sing,
When in His beauty I see the great King,
This shall my song in eternity be:
"Oh, what a wonder that Jesus loves me."
Enam Okyere

Accra, Westlegon, Ghana

I am so glad that Jesus loves me. Sometimes I feel I am the only person that Jesus truly loves. Thank you sweet Jesus


Lusaka, Zambia

I am so glad that Jesus loves even me...


Lagos, Nigeria

Jesus loves Even me🙏🙏🙏

Probsno Ventures Ltd

Lagos, Nigeria

This is a s song of assurance and re-assurance and uplifts our faith and commitment in Him, alone.

Roli Jane

Warri, Dalta, Nigeria

I am so glad that Jesus loves me , even you. Hallelujah 🙌

Emeh Maudline

Portharcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria

This is awesome

So lovely

Keep up the good work

God bless you richly


Chibuihe Isaac Dike

Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

It’s amazing to wake up with this song/hymn in my heart “I am so glad that Jesus loves me…Jesus loves me…Jesus loves me…I am so glad that Jesus love me…Jesus loves even me…” since morning and this evening it kept sounding in my heart. What a Joy of assurance. I am yet to know why the song.

Albert Laryea

Accra, Ashale- Botwe, Ghana

Today after I had prayed @1:30 a. m this powerful spiritual hymn or song was on my heart singing in the spirit!!. Indeed Our Lord Jesus loves us and He will show us a token of His love that our enemies will see us and be ASHAMED!!. For NOTHING can separate us from the love or our Lord Jesus Christ.....!!!.

Janice McKenzie

United States

Amen! Let our voice raise with song that Jesus loves us, for all the world to hear! Our dearest Savior who died for the world for all mankind to save! Know Him and believe!

Molongo Ikome Joseph

Douala, Littoral, Cameroon

I am not in doubt that Jesus our messiah love me my household my children Amen forevermore