How I praise Thee, precious Savior

How I praise Thee, precious Savior,
  That Thy love laid hold of me;
Thou hast saved and cleansed and filled me,
  That I might Thy channel be.
  Channels only, blessed Master,
  But with all Thy wondrous grace,
Flowing through us, Thou canst use us
    Every hour in every place.
Just a channel, full of blessing,
  To the thirsty hearts around;
To tell out Thy full salvation,
  All Thy loving message sound.
Emptied that Thou shouldest fill me,
  A clean vessel in Thine hand;
With no strength but as Thou givest
  Graciously with each command.
Witnessing Thy grace to save me,
  Setting free from self and sin;
Thou hast bought me to possess me,
  In Thy fulness, Lord, come in.
O Lord, fill now with Thy Spirit
  Hearts that full surrender know;
That the streams of living water
  From our inner man may flow.
David Michael Smith

I remember the chorus differently

channels only blessed Master

But with all thy wondrous power

Flowing through us Thou canst use us

Every day and every hour


Abuja, FCT, Nigeria

Thank God, l got this again. This song has been so much impressed in my heart. l decided to goggle it, thank God for the song. lt is such an inspirational song that brings revival to me personal .

Ezinne Onuoha

Enugu, Nigeria

One of my favourite songs as a child. How I long to be used of you O Lord as a channel of your greatness 🙏

Caleb Sylvanus Dakwak

Jos, Plateau, Nigeria

This is my favorite Hymn, both for private and public worship


thank You for becoming the slave Savior (Mark)

Dr. Ekele Nwankwo

Columbus, Ohio, United States

Just woke up with this old high school hymn on my mind so I started to search for it. I had lost my Advent hymnal in the mail years ago. God in his mercy brings back to my mind all the time, wonderful hymns which, sadly, are no longer sung. Now I have a loooong list of songs, choruses, hymns, poems from childhood, high school and college. These cheer my heart. Thanks to God for preserving this beautifull song.

John Esan

Lagos, Nigeria

Great hymn. Ever rekindling!

Blessing Edoyise

Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

No longer I but Christ. Now a channel only, and gladly so, for Christ to flow through. Treasure in my earthly vessel at last! Blessed be the name of the LORD.

Ann Evans

Canbridge, New Zealand

Thank you Google for getting this up for me, needed to remind me of this Hymn I chose around 1966 when I gave my testimony. Yesterday felt led by the Lord to sing this, but could not remember all the Words.

John Sola O

Ilorin, Kwara, Nigeria

One of my favourite hymns. I learnt this while I was attending UMCA as a child. Since then, my favourite and prayer. Just a Channel may I be O Lord

We are not in a movement. According to Hymns, #268, we are channels for God's Spirit to flow through us into others. If we visit the new ones in their homes every week, what is deposited into them will be with them for the rest of their lives. Even if we answer their questions with a few simple sentences, our answer will remain in the deepest part of their being. They may ask a simple question about dealing with their parents; if we are weighty, even a simple response will give them a deep impression. Our response will change their human life. This is what we must give people when we contact them through door-knocking. We must be prepared to do this.