There shall be showers of blessing

There shall be showers of blessing:
  This is the promise of love;
There shall be seasons refreshing,
  Sent from the Savior above.
  Showers of blessing,
  Showers of blessing we need;
Mercy-drops round us are falling,
    But for the showers we plead.
There shall be showers of blessing—
  Precious reviving again;
Over the hills and the valleys,
  Sound of abundance of rain.
There shall be showers of blessing;
  Send them upon us, O Lord!
Grant to us now a refreshing;
  Come, and now honor Thy Word.
There shall be showers of blessing;
  O that today they might fall,
Now as to God we're confessing,
  Now as on Jesus we call!
There shall be showers of blessing,
  If we but trust and obey;
There shall be seasons refreshing,
  If we let God have His way.
Solomon Ifeanyi

Lagos, Nigeria

Great song indeed, truly power of God under prosperity is hidden under this song.


Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India

I hared this song for the 1st time when I was just 9 yrs in my school. I got so influenced and felt so peace around me after herring this, that even now, when I am 19 yrs old, I still use to sing this song in quite whenever I feel distrassed or in pain, it's give me a metal peace, when I dnt usually get in my bad times :)

May the showers of blessings fall on each n every one of us :)


Philadelphia, PA, United States

I am 73 years old & I grew up on this song. We do not hear precious, heartfelt songs like this today. But thanks be to God that this song can be taught to our younger generation. I have given the words to my children & they have been & are bless with many Showers of Blessings..


Thank You God

Henry Kafwembe

Lusaka, Zambia

After many days of dry and hot days, in what should be our rainy season, crops started to dry and our anxieties started to grow. Fear of another devastating drought has been a regular item in my morning and evening devotions.

How pleasant it was today to wake up and find that it was raining. These were truly Showers of blessing. Amazing how this hymn came upon my heart and lips. Praise be to God for His faithfulness.


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Amaaaaazzzziiiinnngggg.... blessings are on the way.... God is with us...


Columbia, SC, United States

It’s good to praise God in the morning, all the day long. Let our sacrifice be Thanksging , for all he has done. May Jesus richly dwell in our heart, mind, and soul!!!. Stand up stand up for Jesus you children of the King!!!. May his spirit dwell in us that we may know his will and do it whole heartily!!. And let everyone say Amen AMEN!!!

Jonathan Naff

Roanoke, VA, United States

Thank you dear father God for all the blessings that you pour out on your people. Thank you Jesus for what you did on the cross and that it was Final and that it was done and your love was poured out, and that nothing can separate us from your love. Thank you Holy Spirit for reminding me of this song this morning and playing it in my consciousness.


Imphal, Chandel, India

My favorite hymnal song. God is good all the time.


This song lifed me I need God's shower in my life.