Praise waiteth Thee in mercy's court

Praise waiteth Thee in mercy's court,
  Where Thy beloved dwell;
Ransomed, released from Satan's thrall,
  Their Hallelujahs swell.
Come, as the Spirit, Lord, today,
  Our songs of praise inspire;
Purge the iniquity, and touch
  Our lips with living fire.
Praise for what Thou our God hast wrought;
  For promised blessings ours;
The cloud on faith's horizon seen,
  The pentecostal showers.
Praise for Thine own right way, dear Lord,
  We did not understand,
But as Thy plans unfolded lie,
  We see Thy guiding hand.
Enlarge our soul's capacity,
  Cut deeper channels, Lord;
Room for the floods of blessing now,
  According to Thy Word.
E'en while we praise, the heavens rend,
  In power come from on high;
Make this another Pentecost,
  Answer our spirit's cry.
Ola Omitoyin

London, United Kingdom

I searched for songs on 'Mercy' and this is one of the songs that came up. Didn't know it before but now I love it.

Steve Miller

Detroit, MI, United States

Stanza 1, line 1 originally says "Zion's Courts" instead of "mercy's court".

line 5 says "blessed Holy Ghost" instead of "as the Spirit, Lord".