Lord, I hear of show'rs of blessing

Lord, I hear of show'rs of blessing
  Thou art scatt'ring full and free,
Show'rs the thirsty land refreshing;
  Let some drops now fall on me.
  Even me, even me,
Let some drops now fall on me.
Pass me not, O gracious Father!
  Sinful though my heart may be;
Thou might'st leave me, but the rather
  Let Thy mercy fall on me.
Pass me not, O tender Savior!
  Let me love and cling to Thee;
I am longing for Thy favor;
  While Thou'rt calling, call for me.
Pass me not, O Lord, the Spirit!
  Thou canst make the blind to see;
By the Witness of Thy merit,
  Speak the word of power to me.
Love of God, so pure and changeless!
  Blood of Christ, so rich and free!
Grace of God, so strong and boundless!
  Magnify them all in me.
Pass me not! Thy lost one bringing,
  Bind my heart, O Lord, to Thee;
While the streams of life are springing,
  Blessing others, oh, bless me.

Westlawn, PA, United States

Lord as you visit and help others, even me Lord Visit and help me in this season and beyond. Help me to love amd cling to you alone.

Ruth Alfa

Ganaja/ Lokoja, Kogi, Nigeria

Even me, Lord, in this season of your visitations, let some portions of your blessings fall on me.

Akinwole Oluwabukola Bamidele

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

Even me Lord, include me in what you are doing in this season, in this generation, while you are scattering blessing, even me let thy mercies and blessing fall on me.

Emmanuel Olatunji

Uyo, Akwa Ibom, Nigeria

Lord, I've heard truly and I've also seen the shower of Blessings you release in the neighborhood,

Pls pour some on me, even me

Amos Bugei

Nairobi, Kenya

I hear the literal rains, I remember this song.

Lord, let some drops now fall on me. Amen

Femi Babajide

Ilorin, Kwara, Nigeria

even me! O Lord!


GBOKO Benue, Nigeria

I receive Ur blessings in Jesus name

Toyin Samuel

Lagos, Nigeria

Father, I heard that you are scattering blessings around. Let some drops fall on even me. I have heard about your great works and seen some too and so I wait for your counsel. As you are scattering your blessings around this season, look upon your handmaid with mercy and bless even me in Jesus name.

David Daisi Ajayi

Ado Ekiti, Ekiti, Nigeria

Lord do not pass me by! Let the drop of Mercies fall on me. Revive me O God. Let my there be open heavens upon me O God.

Wahu Gitaka

Nairobi, Kenya

Even me, even us- God bless me and my institution

Help us to get out of the slavery of sin- jeolous, pride, arrogance and spirit of uncaring