The Lord has been revealed in us

The Lord has been revealed in us,
The kingdom-seed so glorious;
He's planted deeper than our heart,
And from us He will ne'er depart.
This seed is never satisfied
Just in our spirits to abide;
He wants to grow and spread today
To live in us in every way.
We're like a glove, an empty man,
So meaningless without a hand;
Lord, saturate each inward part
And form Yourself in all our heart.
The Lord must spread into our mind,
Our natural thoughts and concepts bind;
Imaginations, dreams be gone,
The kingdom-seed in us is sown!
In our emotions He must grow;
Raw, fragile feelings overthrow;
Our love, our hatred, must be His—
Lord, we agree with You for this.
Another part the Lord must fill—
Our hard, unbending, stubborn will;
Lord, our resistance quickly break,
Subdue us for Thy kingdom's sake.
Our conscience too the Lord must clear,
That we may walk in godly fear;
Our conscience must be keen today,
Else we cannot the Lord obey.
'Tis by His growing, spreading thus,
The Lord will have His home in us;
A place on earth where He is Lord,
Full rights to Him we will afford.

Lagos, Nigeria

Yes, The Lord should overthrow all my raw and fragile emotions that hinders me from being one with the saints in fulfilling the will of God.


Rockville, Md, United States

Lord grow in my emotions, fill my stubborn will and clear my concience! Amen so that You can spread in me today!

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