Jesus the kingdom has come into us

Jesus the kingdom has come into us,
Reigning and shining He's all glorious,
Christ as the seed is the King who has come,
Into our spirit His kingdom He's sown.
  O let Him grow, O let Him grow;
His kingdom life be all we know.
Jesus, the kingdom is sown into us;
  Jesus, the kingdom, O how glorious!
We must repent for the kingdom's at hand;
All that we do, think, or feel, or have planned
Must be abandoned and changed in our mind;
Leave all the world and self-seeking behind.
All of religion has missed it again,
Teaching for doctrines the concepts of men;
They vainly wait for the kingdom to be.
A dispensation they're hoping to see.
But now the kingdom to us has been shown,
It is no less than our Jesus alone.
It is the Person of Christ in us all,
And it begins as a seed when we call.
Maurice Ward

Irving, Texas, United States

Life study of Matthew message 14

Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens. ” We need to change the pronoun and say, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for ours is the kingdom of the heavens. ” Once we understand the meaning of this verse, we see what a mistake it is to teach that the kingdom has been suspended until the millennium. The word, “is” in this verse proves that the kingdom of the heavens is ours right now. How blessed we are! How blessed it is to be poor in spirit! If we are poor in spirit, ours is the kingdom of the heavens. If you take this word into you, you will never be the same. This one verse is better than a hundred messages. Hallelujah, ours is the kingdom of the heavens! We are truly blessed and happy. Blessed and happy are the poor in spirit, for ours is the kingdom of the heavens.


United States

let Him grow

Walter Castillo

Belmopan, Belize

Señor Gracias que tu haz llegado a nosotros como el reino de Dios. Haz VENIDO COMO EL REINO. Y entrastes en nosotros!! , como semilla en NUESTRO ESPÍRITU. Todo lo nuestro debemos dejar... tu reino acercándose esta. invocando se sembró en mi y en nos. Aleluya amado Jesús. Te amo te amo y te amo . mil veces y mas podre decir Oh Señor Jesús . que dulce es invocarte invocar tu nombre es amarte a Ti.!!!!

Matthew and Jonathan

Irvine, CA, United States

O let Him grow as the Kingdom seed in us!

Jesus, the kingdom, O how glorious!

Christi Lo

Auckland, New Zealand

Thank You Lord for the kingdom seed sown into us. May this seed continue to grow individually and corporately in the church life. Praise the Lord!

Jeff Hall

Sterling, MA, United States

Praise the King! this has become our reality, the reality of the church life! Our function is now one with Him in the kingdom. Blessed are all of you fellow partakers...


Indianapolis, IN, United States

The seed of the kingdom is the Lord Jesus Himself sown into us as the Word of God. Lord, grow, spread, and develop in us each day, that Your Kingdom could come in its manifestation.

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