Chosen by God in ages past

Chosen by God in ages past,
  Our God will never let us go;
Salvation is assured fore'er;
  'Tis such security we know.
"I give to them eternal life,
  They shall not perish," is His word;
"No one shall snatch them from Our hands,"
  This is the promise of the Lord.
Yet there's a word for God's own sons,
  Which is a warning from the Lord:
For those not ready when He comes,
  "Worse punishment" and not "reward."
Reward is not eternal life,
  It's based on how we run the race;
It all depends on what we build,
  It's not a matter, here, of grace.
'Tis for God's kingdom we press on,
  Like Moses, we are for the Lord;
We suffer with God's people here
  And look away to the reward.
Richer by far, reproach of Christ,
  Than Egypt's treasures, which are sin;
By faith we leave Egyptian land,
  Avoiding next age discipline.
Our soul gained for the kingdom's age—
  For this we lose our soul life here;
If we lay down our soul life now,
  We'll save it for Christ's kingdom there.
We all must learn to pay the price,
  Christ must be worked into our soul;
'Tis thus our soul is gained by Him,
  This is our aim and this our goal.

United States

These are not sentiments we hear in today's Christianity. We think we'll die and simply enter Heaven. We overlook the point that we will give an account of our lives first. This life we live by faith, and that shown by our works. The next life is rewarded according to our works, as shown by our faith. Do a search for "eternal life" in an online bible and see this for yourself.

This is the first time I've known Beethoven wrote words for a hymn!



This song reminds me to be watchful of how I live every moment of each day. We were chosen by God in ages past and we are assured of our salvation. However, we must not confuse reward with eternal life! Our Lord gives us a word of warning that we must be ready when He comes. Certainly there is "worst punishment" and not "reward" Line#4 says "reward is not eternal life, It's based on how we run the race, It all depends on what we build, It's not a matter, here, or grace" We need to lose our soul life here. Saints, let Christ be worked into our souls now! We will enjoy the reward and avoid the next age discipline!!!!Hallelujah we press on toward God's kingdom!