From the beachhead in our spirit

  From the beachhead in our spirit
  To our mind, emotion, will.
Christ will spread through all our being
  And our vessel wholly fill.
He will cast out all rebellion,
  Change our darkness into light.
Satan's kingdom will be swallowed,
  And Christ will reign with might.
This is the Lord's recovery,
  This is His very best!
Brothers, give the Lord the ground in you
  Till His kingdom's manifest.

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

This is for every believer! Oh saints Christ will cast out all the rebellion in you; in me, Oh every believer!!!! This is His very best! Brothers give the Lord the ground in you till His kingdom is manifest. Glory be to Lord of all and of all the saints!!!! We love You Lord!!!!

Melanie Blundelll

Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Amen Lord spread through all my being. Cast out all rebellion.

Garrett Macnee

Arlington, Texas


Spread throught our whole being.

Reign with might in me!

Cast out all rebellion in me.