We've become the Lord's dear brothers

We've become the Lord's dear brothers
Through His resurrection pow'r;
He desires many brothers
Sharing in His triumph hour!
  Jesus is our Elder Brother,
First-born of God's sons is He;
He came forth in resurrection,
From religion He is free!
As His church we come together;
Oldness, form, and self deny;
Just to meet with our Big Brother,
  Him alone to glorify!
In our Brother's resurrection
Resurrected we must meet,
Never in our natural standing—
This will make His joy complete!
Every day we must see Jesus
As we're eating of the Word;
Then we'll run to all the meetings
Burning, bubbling with the Lord!
In the meetings we are feasting
On the food unlimited.
Jesus always satisfies us,
Feeding us the living bread!
We would satisfy our Brother,
Even though our portion's small.
Every one must share his "new dish"
For the benefit of all!
Not for message or for speaker,
But to meet the Lord we're here;
Caring only for His presence,
We would see our Brother dear!
Jack Daryl Ascension

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Jesus is our Kuya! Amen!


Dunedin, New Zealand

Praise our big brother! How wonderful to be His many brothers! I just love this song. One of my dear brothers in NZ who recently fell asleep would sing this song with great gusto! All I hear now is his voice! How he loved his big brother!

We have hope because we are brought forth in resurrection! This power brought us in and will keep us! Hallelujah!

Oh Lord we are all waiting for You! Come Lord Jesus!