All the meetings Christ appointed (Alternate Tune)

All the meetings Christ appointed
  And attended here on earth
Were apart from all religion,
  All its rituals, forms, and dearth.
Resurrection, not religion,
  Must be our reality;
Let us meet in resurrection,
  From all dead religion free.
When the Lord was resurrected,
  All religious things were through;
Christ is now our living temple,
  Christ is all our offerings too.
With our Lord in resurrection,
  Hallelujah, we're released!
Pity all the old religion—
  All our meetings are a feast!
Yet religion—oh, how subtle—
  In our blood is hiding out;
God must give us revelation,
  All that unseen monster rout.
Lord, we still are too religious—
  Down with our religious soul!
We would all release our spirit,
  Let each meeting reach the goal.
In the meetings, in the meetings,
  On the mountain, at the shore,
Jesus, Jesus, living Jesus,
  He is here—what want we more?
Bury all the old religion,
  Even Christianity—
Jesus, Jesus, we have Jesus,
  He is our reality!