Remove the veils, Lord, from my heart

Remove the veils, Lord, from my heart;
True revelation grant to me;
A vision clear, O Lord, impart
Of Thy recovery.
By revelation I perceive
The power that raised Christ from the dead;
When I by faith this power receive,
I to the church am led.
Thy mighty power has set me free
From all the world's distracting things;
An entrance to the local church
This mighty power brings.
Once in the local church, I need
To take Thee as my person, Lord;
My outward man each day recede,
My heart is for the Lord.
I take Thee as my person, Lord;
I have been crucified with Thee.
My inner man has been restored;
I'm now indwelt by Thee.
When all Thy members self forsake,
Thy glorious Body, Lord, is known;
When of Thy Person we partake,
The one new man is shown.
The church life is the one new man
In every local church expressed;
Thy Body is a corporate man,
One Person manifest.
(Repeat the last two lines of each stanza)
Jason R Gutierrez

Bakersfield, California, United States

I just got baptized yesterday, the old man is receding and the inner man is being renewed... Amen!!!


Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Lord, remove all the veils from my heart, Impart the vision of Your recovery.


United States

Remove the veils Lord, from my heart.


Champaign, IL, United States

Lord, by Thy mighty power set us free from all the world's distracting things!


Lake Forest, CA, United States

Singing this song gives life to our mortal body.

Praise the Lord!!!


Houston, United States

Remove the veils from my heart! Thy Body is a corporate man! One Person manifest! Amen!