How we love the glorious name

How we love the glorious name,
  The name of Jesus!
'Tis the name above all names—
  On earth or in heav'n.
As we breathe this precious name,
  Darkness and death cannot remain;
For we call and get the Person of that name!
Dear Lord Jesus, with our tongues—
  We gladly confess Thy name,
To the glory of the Father God above.
  For to us to speak Thy praise,
Is the enjoyment of our days;
  Calling JESUS is to call the One we love!
Nelson Liu

Irvine, CA, United States

O Lord Jesus!


Kitchener, Ontario

It is a real enjoyment to us tonight. Thank You Lord for giving us Your mighty name!

Matt Stoebe

Shoreline, Washington, United States

what a yummy song! I luv this song so much!! ^_^ :333 -Matt

Jeremiah Fichter

Randolph, Iowa, United States

Oh how we love the glorious name, the name of Jesus!

Sam C.

Albuquerque, NM, United States

Mighty Name!

Ryan Danek

United States

Touching Jesus is all that really matters.


Cary, North Carolina, United States

Calling Jesus is to call the One we love amen.

Daniel Smith

Fairborn, OH, United States

Calling JESUS is to call the One we love!


Pittsburg, TX, United States

Oh how we LOVE this NAME! Because the NAME denotes the PERSON. Dear Lord Jesus, how we love to call Your name! OH LORD JESUS, we love You!

Lisa I Chiang

Los Angeles, California, United States

When we call on the Lord's name, we are not calling to get a someTHING, but to get a someONE. Oh Lord Jesus! I want to breathe, call, and get a living Person!