Just one touch as He moves along

Just one touch as He moves along,
Pushed and pressed by the jostling throng,
Just one touch and the weak was strong,
  Cured by the Healer divine.
  Just one touch as He passes by,
He will list to the faintest cry.
Come and be cured while the Lord is nigh,
    Christ is the Healer divine.
Just one touch! and He makes me whole,
Speaks sweet peace to my sin-sick soul,
At His feet all my burdens roll,
  Cured by the Healer divine.
Just one touch! and the work is done,
I am cured by the blessed Son,
I will sing while the ages run,
  Cured by the Healer divine.
Just one touch! and He turns to me,
O the love in His eyes I see!
I am His for He hears my plea,
  Cured by the Healer divine.
Just one touch! by His mighty power
He can heal thee this very hour,
Thou canst hear though the tempests low’r,
  Cured by the Healer divine.
Gregory Paysnoe

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States

Lord Jesus cause all your believers to turn to you moment by moment and learn to live by the indwelling human divine man!

Julie Monteseven

Tubod, Lanao Del Norte, Philippines

Lord, just Your simple touch, and we will be healed! 💕