I take my portion from Thy hand

I take my portion from Thy hand,
And do not seek to understand;
For I am blind, while Thou dost see,
Thy will is mine, whate’er it be.
  Whate’er it be! whate’er it be!
I do not fear, whate’er it be!
Thy love divine sustaineth me;
  Thy will is mine, whate’er it be.
When darkness doth Thy face obscure,
And many sorrows I endure,
I think of Christ’s Gethsemane;
Thy will is mine, whate’er it be.
When tender joys to me are known,
I render thanks to Thee alone;
I know my cup is filled by Thee;
Thy will is mine, whate’er it be.
Thus calmly do I face my lot,
Accept it, Lord, and doubt Thee not;
Lo! all things work for good to me;
Thy will is mine, whate’er it be.
Evelyn Morales


1 Thes 3:3, That no one would be shaken by these afflictions; for you yourselves know that we are *appointed for this.

* or, destined, set, located. God has destined, appointed, that we should pass through afflictions. Hence, afflictions are God's allotted portion to us, and He has set us, located us, in a situation of afflictions.

Evangeline Ngo

Diamond Bar, California City, United States

Why take anxious thought, since the mind of Jesus Christ cares for those He bought? Our life is more than food, and our body is more than clothing. Both our life and our body were brought into existence by God, not by our anxiety. Since God created us with a life and a body, surely He will care for their needs. Once we have seen Christ, we never take the same way but always take another way. Amen Lord! Thy will is mine, whatever it be! Praise You Lord, You are sovereign over all things. Hallelujah!