Savior, lead me up the mountain

Savior, lead me up the mountain,
  Where the Lord alone is seen,
Where we hear the voice from heaven,
  Where the air is pure and clean.
  Lead me higher up the mountain,
  Give me fellowship with Thee;
In Thy light I see the fountain,
    And the blood it cleanses me.
Higher up where light increases,
  Far above all earthly strife,
Where the strain of effort ceases,
  Where in Christ we reign in Life.
Savior, keep me up the mountain
  Pressing on toward the goal,
Till, as one, we share Thine image,
  And Thy love and grace extol.
Rachel Wang

Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Oh Lord Lead me high up the mountain, lead me higher to see you face to face. See nothing but Jesus alone.


Cleanse us Lord

June Jacobs

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Thank you for such an effective tool. Needed the reinforcement of this inspiring song. Praise the Lord!

Cyril Westbrook

Brisbane, Qld., Australia

Praise God for His Love and Blessings. Jesus does journey with us, He leads us in life, He forgives our failures, He gives GRACE for the journey. He makes us mountain climbers.

Keep climbing!

Brent Snyder

Kent, WA, United States

It is such a joy to not only have this wonderful resource, but to read the comments from all the saints is truly special!

Verginita Amad

Pagadian, Bayog, Philippines

So nice a song. I really like it. Amen, praise the Lord.

jayma sigueo

Tuguegarao, Cagayan, Philippines

Hallelujah! Christ will care for us even when we experience being in a down situation. In our loneliness He is our comfort. We need only to always abide in Him. Amen.