Christ came, the Lamb of God

Christ came, the Lamb of God.
Lo! From His piercéd side,
A sin-removing tide!
We’re justified!
Christ, in flesh-likeness sent,
Sin condemned in the flesh,
Fulfilled God’s righteousness;
We’re free in Him!
Christ, the last Adam, came,
Now our old man is through;
We there “with Him” were nailed;
His death’s ours too!
Christ as the true Firstborn,
Died on behalf of all—
Freed from creation’s thorn,
Yes, new we are!
Christ, the brass Serpent, was
In serpent’s form, yet pure;
Satan He judged and crushed!
Christ is our cure!
Christ, our Peacemaker true,
The middle wall broke down,
All differences are through!
In Him we’re one!
Christ, as the grain of wheat,
By death, His life released;
He brought forth you and me;
One loaf are we!