Christ is everything in God’s economy

  Christ is everything in God’s economy;
Christ is everything—He reigns in you and me!
What a blessing! What a privilege
To enjoy this Christ, and
Reigning kings then we will be!
God has chosen us in love
To be His many sons,
Giving this authority
Through Christ the Firstborn One.

A divine inheritance
We’re privileged to possess.
We enjoy this portion as
Our right—we are so blessed!
Christ the all-inclusive land,
So vast, unsearchable,
Bountif’lly supplying us—
His riches we enjoy.

With the saints we walk this land;
We labour on this Christ.
Lord, enlarge our borders to
Receive the glorious prize!
Faithfully we come to God
Before the throne of grace,
Filled with Him and serving Him,
Beholding face to face.

Minist’ring this Christ to all
As gospel lab’ring priests,
We then offer man to God—
His Body is increased!
God the Spirit comes to us
Abundantly as grace.
We can live a kingly life,
And over sin we’ll reign!

Limited, restricted, in
This age we’re being trained;
In the coming kingdom age,
As kings with Christ we’ll reign!

2023 European Young People's Conference in Poland

Dr Bernard K Narh

United States