Jesus, how we long for Thee

Jesus, how we long for Thee!
Come, Thou, be with us still.
Thou, our Bridegroom and Lover,
Only, this vessel can fill.
Yes, Lord, Thou, Lord,
Only, this vessel can fill.
Take me, Best Love, O take me!
Thy compassion now sway
My heart, will, and emotion;
Burn all the idols away.
Burn, burn, burn, burn,
Burn all the idols away.
Guard me in Thine affection;
Keep me simple and chaste.
None beside Thee in heaven,
None on earth long we to taste.
Jesus only! None on earth long we to taste.
Time takes moment by moment
Our hearts closer each day
To Thee; Lord, we beseech Thee:
Quickly come, even today!
Amen, Jesus, quickly come, even today!

Lord, burn all the idols away.



What a sweet song full of love toward the Lord.

I feel my love to the Lord is increased by singing it.

Thank You for loving us first.

Esther Chyn

Culver City, CA, United States

My small group met right after brother Andrew Yu's memorial meeting. The saints wanted to see this hymn written by br Andrew. Praise the Lord for such a brother who loved Him with a pure and single heart since his youth and who poured out his entire life to serve the One who he loved so singly and supremely. May we all following his steps to become such supreme lovers of Christ.

Sterling G Byassee

Santa Ana, CA, United States

One day long ago Andrew was shepherding me and he sang this song to me. I loved it! I asked him, "Where did you get it?" He answered, "I wrote it." He was about 22 years old at the time. His love for the Lord was very pure, very burning, and one that led him to be waiting for the Lord´s return, even as a young man.