I love the Lord

I love the Lord, He is my strength,
I love the Lord, Jesus, my drink;
I love the Lord whatever others think,
I love the Lord, He is my strength. (Psa. 18:1)
I love the Lord because He hears,
I love the Lord, I know He cares;
I love the Lord even through many tears,
I love the Lord, because He hears. (Psa. 119:167)
I love, You Lord, I love Your words,
Your words, the sweetest ever heard;
To turn away from You would be absurd,
I love You Lord, I love Your words. (Psa. 119:163)
I love You, Lord, so very much,
I love You, Lord, I love Your touch;
All other loves, Your love will surely crush,
I love You, Lord, so very much! (Psa. 119:167)
  I love You, Lord.
Candi Numez

Houston, TX, United States

I enjoyed this song. I would like to learn to sing it. I hope you can come visit us and teach us your new song.

Jessica Shaffer

Anaheim, CA, United States

I love you Lord Jesus You are Everything!

Timothy Camire

Poland, ME, United States

Lord Jesus, your words the sweetest ever heard.

I love you Lord Jesus.

Jasmin Garcia

Arlington, TX, United States

I love You Lord, so very much! Such a sweet song!

Cristin Moore

Calgary, AB, Canada

Thanks so much very refreshing. Beautiful piano playing. Tastefully arranged.


Calgary, Alberta, Canada

I love this song because I LOVE THE LORD! Amen!!