Lord Jesus, You’re lovely

Lord Jesus, You’re lovely.
You’re more to be desired,
Than any earthly pleasure.
You’re fine, beyond compare.
Lord Jesus, Your beauty
Does far exceed all others.
You’re comely and You’re tender.
You’re radiant and You’re fair.
When I behold You Jesus,
You draw my heart completely.
I cannot turn away Lord,
I rest in Your embrace;
And time is gone there’s only
Your holy, matchless presence
Abiding in You, gazing
Upon Your glorious face.
I give my life to You Lord,
For You alone are worthy.
There’s nothing and there’s no one
That I desire but You.
May all my days be Yours, Lord,
My heart be given to love You,
To treasure and to serve You
By Your sufficient grace.
Christine Tsung


Lord, I love You. You're worthy to be loved.

Dora Yao

New York, NY, United States

When I sing this song, my heart melts for my Beloved. Oh Lord, how sweet You are! You are beyond compare! How could I ever want more than You. Unveil my eyes to see You more every day. Draw my heart...draw my entire being to seek You more and more each day. I truly want to desire nothing and no one more than You. Have mercy on me.

Gloria Liu

Hamilton, New Zealand

This is my most favourite hymn. It reminds me to drop everything and to just love Him with my best love

"I give my life to You, Lord,

For only You are worthy!!"

Annie Punzalan

North Caloocan, NCR, Philippines

The Lord's beauty is incomparable...undefinable. There's no one like Him in His humanity.

Michelle Lim

Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah P., Malaysia

The line of thought of this hymn flows so well, speaks of our christian experience of our appreciation towards the Lord and our being drawn by Him, and this issues in our consecration to our precious Lord. May the third stanza of this hymn be our prayer to the Lord. Saints, enjoy!

Esmonde Lim

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

This hymn simply draws my heart toward the Lord.. Abiding in You, Lord, enjoying your matchless presence..

May all my days be Yours, Lord..


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

It's not fair to say nothing while gaining something precious. I love this song because I love my Lord and my fellow brothers and sisters.

Simon Tay

Penang, Malaysia

This hymn is so soothing and helps to draw me back to the Lord Himself. Praise the Lord for this hymn.

Charie Dalmacio

Pinole, CA, U.S.A.

Praise the Lord! I like this song because it is so lovely!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heather Huang

Linko, Taipei, Taiwan

I had a beautiful dream today and in my dream I heard this beautiful hymn, which reminds me to say to Him one more time what has always been in my mind, You are lovely, Lord.