God is Longing for His Ultimate Move

The high gospel’s been preached; the high truth’s been released.
But we still sense a lack; is this all that God needs?
This He longs for today: some who’d wholeheartedly
Give the ground for Christ to live in them intrinsically.
  God is longing for His ultimate move,
That He and we would be one eternally.
“Lord, these days are the consummation of the age.
Lord, in these days rekindle our love toward You.”
As the Body of Christ, we would all let Him grow,
From our spirit expand, from our heart overflow;
Thus, we’ll build up the church and make ready the Bride;
Thus, the kingdom life within us will be magnified.
Now the world stage is set and the Lord’s coming soon.
He’ll be not first the Judge, but our lovely Bridegroom.
As we follow the Lamb, He is mingled with us.
When He sees we’ve been prepared, He’ll come to marry us.
Consummated, our God is the Spirit today.
What He needs now in us is an unhindered way.
By His Spirit transformed, matching Him, we would pray:
“Dearest One! Oh, quickly come! Make haste! Do not delay!”
Lauren Bennett

Houston, Texas, United States

“He’ll come to marry us”


Forth Worth, Texas, United States

Lord, in these days rekindle our love toward You!! We need You much more!!