Be My Companion

Two are better than one;
If I fall, then you can pick me up.
Two are better than one
To resist the enemy.
Three are better than two;
A three-fold cord’s not quickly broken.
(Insert name), I need you;
Be my companion.
  God has placed me with you here,
My companions who are so dear.
Blend us, knit us, and build us up today.
Day by day you encourage me;
A foretaste of New Jerusalem I see.
I need you, my companion.
We are running a race,
Pressing on each day toward the goal.
We are running a race;
Christ the prize we hold in view.
Fleeing youthful lusts,
But faith, love, peace, and righteousness pursue;
(Insert name), I need you.
Be my companion.
I’m an ear that can’t see;
There are many things that I can’t do.
You’re an eye that can’t hear;
See, I have my function too.
We’re an eye and an ear,
So we need arms and legs and pinky toes.
(Insert name), we need them;
We’re one living Body.
Caleb Penner

Anaheim, California, United States

Even pinky toes?! Amen even pinky toes.

Joshua Penner

Anaheim, California, United States

Praise the Lord! Two are better than one!