Be My Companion

Two are better than one;
If I fall, then you can pick me up.
Two are better than one
To resist the enemy.
Three are better than two;
A three-fold cord’s not quickly broken.
(Insert name), I need you;
Be my companion.
  God has placed me with you here,
My companions who are so dear.
Blend us, knit us, and build us up today.
Day by day you encourage me;
A foretaste of New Jerusalem I see.
I need you, my companion.
We are running a race,
Pressing on each day toward the goal.
We are running a race;
Christ the prize we hold in view.
Fleeing youthful lusts,
But faith, love, peace, and righteousness pursue;
(Insert name), I need you.
Be my companion.
I’m an ear that can’t see;
There are many things that I can’t do.
You’re an eye that can’t hear;
See, I have my function too.
We’re an eye and an ear,
So we need arms and legs and pinky toes.
(Insert name), we need them;
We’re one living Body.
Ashley Yvette Nguyen

Anaheim, CA, United Kingdom

Amen! Even pinky toes.

Caleb Penner

Anaheim, California, United States

Even pinky toes?! Amen even pinky toes.

Joshua Penner

Anaheim, California, United States

Praise the Lord! Two are better than one!