The Word is living, a divine Person—
Christ the Son of God, the living God.
It is God defined, explained, and expressed
When the Word comes, God comes.
When the Word is present, God is present.
  So let the Word of Christ dwell in you (richly!)
In all wisdom, teaching, admonishing
Each one the other with psalms and hymns;
Singing with grace, sing with grace to God
    in your hearts to God.
    (on last chorus)
    (To God.)
The Word received is life and Spirit.
Our spirit we must exercise
To receive the life embodied in the Word.
Read, eat, breathe, everyday;
To take God in His Word is necessary.
The Word we speak is the Lord Jesus,
Him who we’ve known, we testify,
Building up the church as prophesied.
As we speak, Satan flees;
Speaking God defeats the enemy.

Sung during the Northern California College Conference in October 2018.



We praise YOU LORD!! With songs and hymns and all of our being! Thank you for this beautiful song!