Lord, Bring Forth the One New Man

Lord, bring forth the one new man;
Grant this vision now to us.
Gain in us Thy heart’s desire—
Thine expression glorious.
When Thou first didst man create,
Thine own likeness to possess,
Thine intention was that he
Take Thee in and Thee express.
But, instead, man was deceived,
To the knowledge-tree misled.
Then, Thy plan he did forsake;
To the self he’d live instead.
So, Thou in the flesh didst come,
Mingling with humanity,
Living to the Father’s will,
God’s intent accomplishing.
First, Thou to the cross didst go,
Our old man to terminate;
Then, in resurrection, come,
Thy new man to germinate.
Now Thou in our spirit art,
As the inner man within;
As our heart becomes Thine home,
Thou dost live and rule therein.
Spread within us, Lord, we pray;
Gain the ground in all our heart.
We’d the self deny always,
That Thyself Thou wouldst impart.
We’d allow Thy peace to reign,
In the Body-life we’d live;
No more self-directed be,
For Thy church our all we’d give.
Be the person of our heart;
Manifest Thyself through us.
Build the saints into Thine house
That we’d bear Thine image thus.
Consummate Thy central work
That we’d match Thee perfectly;
Thus, the church would builded be—
One new man eternally.