God grants us to be strengthened

God grants us to be strengthened
Into the inner man
With power, through His Spirit,
To carry out His plan
That Christ would make His home in
Our hearts through faith each day,
That we’d lay hold of Him and
God’s love would know for aye.
By Christ’s indwelling Spirit,
We’re strong to apprehend
His magnitude and substance,
Dimensions without end;
His love surpasses knowledge,
Yet naught would He conceal;
He fills us in our spirit,
God’s fullness to reveal.
Christ is our life and person,
Head of the one new man
Created in Himself, where
Our corporate life began.
We’re rooted and we’re grounded
In Christ, God’s Firstborn Son;
We, in His love, enjoy Him,
We, in His life, are one.
We exercise our spirit
That Christ indwell our hearts
To spread throughout our being
To all our inward parts,
His life substantiating—
Mysterious, unseen—
By Him as faith, perceiving
God’s bounty unforeseen.
This metabolic process
Is constituting us
With Christ in all His riches
Through our enjoyment thus;
The church in our experience
Is full of God expressed,
For Christ is God embodied,
Made known and manifest.
Above all we could ask for
Or think of in this age,
God’s work exceeds our measure;
He molds us, stage by stage.
God’s resurrection power
Within us operates.
We give God all the glory,
From whom all emanates.