If we neglect the gospel

If we neglect the gospel,
If we refuse to pray,
If we neglect our spirit,
Then we have lost our way.
Oh, how our friends and neighbors,
Those in our families,
All need our interceding,
Our prayer upon our knees!
Saints, time is of the essence,
’Tis time for us to gain
The fruit unto the gospel,
The ripened golden grain.
Oh, let us not be slothful,
Rise up and seize the day!
Let not our hours be wasted,
His purpose more delayed.
Oh, let’s all work together,
Let’s pray in two’s and three’s.
Serve in coordination,
The Father’s heart to please.
We must no more be barren.
Steadfastly persevere,
Pour out our dearest treasure,
And mix our prayer with tears.
Our life must have a purpose,
For this we must spend all
As debtors to the gospel
In answer to His call.
We need a heart for people,
For other’s lives outpoured,
A heart that’s for the gospel,
A heart that’s for the Lord.
We bear the gladdest tidings,
The only news that’s good.
God’s grace is apprehended,
His mercies understood.
And if we have such riches,
How can we dare forbear
To tell a world that’s hungry
Our Father’s loving care.
Dahn Carey

Lynchburg, Virginia, United States

The Lord surely has given us purpose! So many hungry for The Love and Freedom in Christ Jesus or Lord with a home in His Body, The Church. Much prayer & Amen, a heart to really care for others. "Lord Jesus make us meet for your use. Break through our Nature mighty Heaven Love. Clear every Avenue of thought & brain. Flood our affection & purifyour will. Letnothing but your own pure Life remain."