Is Jesus in Your Boat?

It was a stormy night,
In the middle of the sea.
The disciples all alone,
The shore they could not reach.
  This is our human life
As hard as we may try,
The problems with no end—
We always wonder why?
Is Jesus in your boat?
He walks on stormy seas.
The troubled waves of life
Are all beneath His feet.
  Is Jesus in your boat?
For He says, “It is I,
Do not be afraid.”
Just let Him in your life.
Lord, my heart I open wide.
I thank You that You died,
Forgave me of my sins,
That You could be my life.
  Lord I believe in You,
Come into all my life,
My rest and peace within—
Joined to You, I’m alive.
  Lord I believe in You,
And You are now my peace.
I’m glad You’re in my boat,
For eternity.

United States

The tune of this hymn almost makes me feel like I'm in a boat in the middle of an ocean during a storm.


Honolulu, Hi, United States

Lord Jesus! Mahalo! For You came into me--my boat. Life with You is so sweet, peaceful, meaningful, and wonderful. I love You!!!