God is a God of Blessing and Glory

God is a God of blessing and glory.
He is our history; we are His story,
Formed in His image, made to express
His life and nature, all to bless.
  Showers of blessing come in their season.
Ask and God comes, abundantly given;
The God of hope fills us with all joy
That we’d abound, His pow’r employ.
God rescues us, His flock that was scattered,
Driven away from refuge and battered;
No longer prey nor scattered abroad,
We are in Christ, well fed by God!
Cov’nant of peace, God’s purpose bespeaking,
Binds us to Him, secure in His keeping.
God fills our hearts and makes us a place
Where all receive His life through grace!
Christ as our life yields fruit bearing, increase,
Fellowship, building, blending, and real peace,
Freedom from self, life conquering death,
Day after day and breath by breath.
God gives the Spirit, gives not by measure,
Pours out Himself, a limitless treasure,
Given in Christ Who Spirit became,
Life-giving gift we fan to flame.
God as the Spirit is our true blessing.
He shepherds us to pastures, expressing
Both tender love and bounteous supply,
Blessings in Christ to multiply.
God’s house is filled with glorious radiance—
Filled with His speaking, filled with His presence;
Built up in oneness, life we express,
All that God is, in Christ, possess.
God of salvation, come we now, seeking,
Prayerful in worship, joyfully singing,
Blessing Your name, Your blessings express;
All that You are is our bequest.
  Showers of blessing come in their season;
We ask, You come, abundantly given;
You are the hope Who fills us with joy
That we’d abound, Your pow’r employ.
Osazuwa Osayende

England, United Kingdom

God is amazing and powerful than anything.

Ramona Bibit

Bacoor, Cavite, Philippines

This lovely hymn Is so real in our Christian work and living. I just love and Praise the God of All Blessings! Hallelujah!🙏♥️🌺