God’s Faithfulness Revealed by the Rainbow

Righteous Father, You are faithful
Through whom we were called to be
In the fellowship of Jesus
Christ our Lord, known inwardly,
In the oneness of the Spirit
By the power of the cross,
Your unique divine solution,
Every other way a loss.
’Round Your throne we see a rainbow
Like an emerald in our sight.
On the throne You sit, like jasper,
Full of life, both green and bright,
And like sardius in appearance,
Which redemption signifies;
God of glory, You redeemed us
Through the precious blood of Christ.
As the ark reveals salvation,
Entrance into Christ Your way,
So the rainbow shows commitment
And Your covenant today.
Though the fall of man still grieves You,
Nevermore will You repent,
Saying in Your heart, start over,
Sending floods till life is spent.
As a sign that You are faithful
And Your cov’nant will be kept,
In the clouds You set Your bow and
All can see Your promise yet;
Storms may rage, with fierce commotion,
But when light breaks forth anew,
Stretched across the sky in spangles,
Promise shines in every hue.
In Your covenanted promise
You cannot deny Yourself.
You are faithful in Your nature,
Righteous in Your judgments dealt.
For Your purpose, You commissioned
Man to bear Your holy name
For Your image and dominion,
Till Christ comes, the earth to claim.
Every earthly rainbow tells You
Yet again what we will be,
New Jerusalem eternal,
Corporate God-man righteously.
Father, how we praise the steadfast
Purpose of Your heart’s desire.
You are faithful to Your word and
Must fulfill Your will entire.
Michael Rizzio

Skidmore, TX, United States

Me too...

M. C. and now L. S. How can we find out who they are to thank them?

Nebechukwu Triumph

Conakry, Guinea

Great, wonderful songs.

I am curious to know who the song-writer L. S. is? His lyrics blessed me mighty.

Glory to Jesus!